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  1. 2008.06.24 proof 와 evidence의 차이

proof 와 evidence의 차이

수능영어/FAQ 2008.06.24 21:37 Posted by Migguragi chanyi

* proof

evidence, especially conclusive evidence, that something is true or a fact.

---> 확실한, 단정적 증거
There is no proof that he is guilty.

* evidence

information, etc that gives grounds for belief; that which points to, reveals or suggests something.

---> 믿을 수 있도록 뒷받침 해주는 정보
There was not enough evidence to show the cause of his death.

ex)The evidence in favor of the prion hypothesis was strong, but the final proof was still missing.
     프리온 가설을 지지하는 증거는 강하지만 마지막 단정적인(확실한)증거는 아직 없다.

    If police find lots of money in a house, it might be evidence that the person robbed a bank, but the video tape of him at the bank holding a gun, would be the proof.
만약 경찰이 집에서 많은 돈을 발견했다면 그것은 그 사람이 은행을 털었다는 증거자료 지만  그 사람이 은행에서 총을 들고 있는 것이 찍힌 비디오 테잎은 확실한 증거입니다. 


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