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  1. 2008.01.12 me2day


ETC 2008.01.12 04:38 Posted by Migguragi chanyi

이 글은 chanyi님의 2008년 1월 11일의 미투데이 내용입니다.

...In the Korean English language curriculum, there is typically one main purpose, which is to prepare the students to excel on the English Comprehension section of the CSAT.

This test is a multiple choice exam and has the effect of minimizing the importance of any English speaking or writing done in classes. Students are taught the test with the ultimate goal of achieving a high score on the multiple-choice exam.

The effect of a singular test with a known format can be detrimental to the overall goal of assessing a student's ability. When the test is a high stakes test, the teaching and learning of the student becomes secondary to the resulting test score. The test will dominate the classroom activity and dictate the teaching methods and material. If the test contents are at variance with the objectives of the course, there is likely to be a harmful conflict of purposes. ...



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