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굿모닝팝스 2010.06.16

일반영어/굿모닝팝스 2010.06.16 13:08 Posted by Migguragi chanyi

1. Morning Word

  1) Step 1

      look down : 깔보다, 얕보다, 경멸하다 > think poorly of, dismiss as lowly

      bog down : (나아가지 못하도록) 꼼짝 못하게 만들다 > get stuck

      chase down : 찾다, 추구하다 > catch, find

John's Recap
Very interestingly 길동 and I were going along in the car and he said, "John, John, John,
look at that girl over there. She has terrible hair. Her hairstyle is really bad."
I said, "길동, never look down on people. When you look down on people, you take away your own freedom. You bog down yourself in prejudice and choosing what people should be like and what they should not be like. It's better to chase down people's qualities. Look for the good things in people." So 길동 promise he's going to try to have a better attitude.

  2) Step 2

      I try to never look down on people. 난 사람들을 결코 얕보지 않으려 해.

      We'll bog down if we drive through mud. 우리가 진창 속을 운전하면 꼼짝 못하게 될거야.

      Let's chase down a taxi and skedaddle. 택시 잡아서 얼른 가자.

2 Screen English

  1) Dialogue

      Jacob : You like me, right? 너 나 좋아하지?

                 And you think I'm "sort of beautiful." 내가 왠지 너무 멋져 보이기도 하고.

      Bella   : Jacob, please, don't do this. 제이콥, 제발 이러지 말자.

      Jacob : Why? 왜?

      Bella   : Because you're about to ruin everything. 우리 사이를 망치려 하고 있으니까.

                 And I need you. 난 네가 필요하단 말이야.

      Jacob : Well, I've got loads of time. 뭐, 시간은 얼마든지 있으니까.

                 I'm not gonna give up. 포기하진 않을 거야.

  2) Practice More 

      ruin everything 모든 걸 망치다

      If you cancel, it'll ruin everything I planned. 네가 취소하면 내 계획을 다 망치게 될 거야.

      give up 포기하다

      Don't give up without a fight. 싸워 보지도 않고 포기하지 마.

3. Pops English.

   It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you.

   날 당신에게 떼어 놓으려면 아주 힘이 들 거에요.

   There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.

    백명의 남자, 아니 더 많은 사람이라도 날 막을 순 없어요.

    I bless the rains down in Africa. 아프리카에 내리는 비를 축복해요.

    Gonna take some time to do the things we never had.

    우리가 경험하지 못한 일들을 하며 시간을 보낼 거에요.

4. Talk / Play / Learn

  1) Pattern Talk

      I'm not comfortable with + 명사. 난 ~이 편치 않아.

      I'm not comfortable with that. 난 그게 편치 않아.

      I'm not comfortable with change. 난 변화가 편치 않아.

      I'm not comfortable with silence. 난 침묵하는 게 편치 않아.

      I'm not comfortable with English. 난 영어가 편치 않아.

      I'm not comfortable with the cost. 난 그 비용이 편치 않아.

  2) Role Play

      A : Why do you always have the same hair style? 넌 머리 스타일이 왜 항상 똑같니?

      B : I'm not comfortable with change. 난 변화가 편치 않아서.

      A : You should be more daring. 더 과감해지는 게 좋겠어.

  2) Learn More

     행운을 빌어 주다 ---> keep one's fingers crossed

     A : Wish me luck on my test! 나 시험 보는데 행운을 빌어 줘.

     B : I'll keep my fingers crossed. 행운을 빌어 줄게.

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드라마에 자주 나오는 영어문장 400

일반영어 2010.06.15 23:49 Posted by Migguragi chanyi

1.시험이 어땠어요?(쉽고 어려운 정도) How was your test ?


2.커피 좀 더 주실래요.  

May I have a refill ?

=May I have another cup of coffee ?  cf)More coffee (X)


3.전화상태가 안 좋습니다.  

We have a bad connection.

=The connection seems to be very bad.


4.혼선된것 같아요.  I guess the lines are crossed.


5.잘 안 들려요! 크게 말해주세요.  I can't hear you well! would you speak up.


6.끊었다가 다시 할께요.  I'll hang up call again.


7.언제 아기 낳을 것 같아요?

 When are you due ? =When is your baby expecting ? =When do you expect your baby ?


8.도둑 잡아라!  Stop the thief!


9.본때를 보여주마.  I'll teach you(a lesson).


10.데이트하는 사람 있어요?  Are you seeing anyone ?


11.웃기는 얘기 해줄까 ?  Do you want some giggles ?


12.전화가 안된다.  I don't get a dial tone.


13.그만하기 다행이다.  Lucky it wasn't worse.


14.다리가 뻣뻣하다.  My legs are stiff(=sore)


15.이상한 냄새 안나요?  Do you smell something strange ?


16.말이 나왔으니 말인데요, 내킨 김에 말인데요?

 Since we are on the subject ∼=Since we are talking about it ∼

 ex)말이 나왔으니 말인데요 이번 학기 학점이 어때요?   

    Since we are on the subject how are your grade this term?


17.껌을 뱉어 주십시오. Please, spit you gum out!


18.오늘 휴강입니다. There is no class today.=The class is out today.


19.벼락치기로 시험공부 했어요. I've got the cram for the test.


20. 논술입니까, 4지선다형입니까? Is this test going to be an essay or multiple choice ?


21.나한테 신경 쓰지 마세요.Please, don't mind me.


22.제비뽑기로 하자!  Let's cast(=down) lot!


23.동전 던지기로 하자! Let's flip the coin(=for it)!


24.앞면? 뒷면?  Heads of tails ? (앞면: 사람얼굴)


25.내 마음하고 똑같네! You read my mind! =You said exactly what I was thinking.


26.눈빛만 봐도 안다. I see eye to eye with you.


27.내기할래? Do you want to bet ?


28.무슨 내기할까? What are we going to play for ?

=Should we play for something ?

=What should we bet for?

EX)맥주 내기 어때 ? How about playing for a beer ?


29. 누가 이기나 내기하자. Let's bet on who's going to win this time.


30.군침이 돈다. My mouth is watering.


31.맛있게 보이네요. It's smells good looks.


32.식기 전에 드세요. Please, go ahead before gets cold.


33.조금 더 드실래요? Would you like(=want to) some more ?


34.그 사람 올 때가 됐는데.

He is supposed to be here by now.

=He should be here by now.


35.난 밥값은 해요. I earn my keep.


36.잘난 척 하지마. Don't put on airs.

=Don't flatter yourself.

=Don't show off.


37.이제 요령이 조금 생겼군요. You got the hang up it.=You've got to use it.


38.쌤통이다! It serves you right!=It pays you right!=You deserve it!


39.자업자득이야! You made a bed so you lie on at!


40.당신 스타킹 올이 나갔는데요. You have a run in your stocking.


41.이 신발은 아직 길이 안 들었어요.

These shoes haven't been broken in.

=These shoes are brand new so I don't comfortable with them.


42.막차는 11:40분에 있습니다. The last train is at 11:40.=The last train comes at 11:40


43.기차는 3분 간격으로 옵니다. A train comes every three minutes.


44. 기다려 봅시다. 두고 봅시다. It remains to be seen.=Let's just wait and see.


45.너 어디 두고보자! You will pay for this!=You can get away with this!


46.감기 기운이 있어요.

Maybe I'm coming down with a cold.

=I have a thuch of the flu.

=I seem to have a cold.

=I think I caught a cold.


47.콧물이 자꾸 나요. I have a runny nose.


48. 코가 막혔어요. I have a stuffed-up nose.


49. 마감일이 언제죠? When is this due ?=When is the due date ?


50.화면이(TV) 안 좋아요. We don't get a good picture on TV.



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