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<Morning Words> 

1.  Brush off: 먼지를 솔로 털다

주저 앉기 전에, 자리 털어

Brush off the seat, before you plop down.

*Plop down:털썩 주저앉다 <-> jump up

2.  Close off:
고립시키다, 차단시키다

보수를 위해서 그들은 교량 진입을 차단시킬 꺼야

They’ll close off the bridge to make repair.

3. Send off:

아들은 이제 군대에 보낼 정도의 나이가 되었어

My son is now old enough to send off to the military.

*Send off: 보내다, 떨어져 있는 상태강조

*Send away: 보내다, 멀어져 가는 과정강조



<More Expressions>
1. Have a brush with: ~ 접촉하다, 경험하다

길동이 아침에 상사와 좋은 일이 있었어

길동 had a nasty brush with his boss this morning.


2. Close down: 문을 닫다, 폐쇄하다(= close up)

세금이 오르면 가게 문을 닫아야 할꺼야

This shop will have to close down if they raise taxes.

3. Send away:

빈손으로 보낼 없어

I can’t send you away empty-handed.

<John's Recap>
You know, by chance, I decided to drop by in surprise
홍길동 at his 번데기 restaurant last night. He asked me “hey, John! It’s getting late. Would you help me to close off the store for the night? We have to close the windows and close the doors and clean up and brush off the chairs brush off the counter and make everything nice and clean.” We did that.  We decided to sit around and talk for a while. So he was very nice and good. Actually he decided to send off  his girlfriend 민희 to go get us a couple drinks. We set around talking almost all night. It was a good experience.

<Screen English>
A: What is she like? /
어떤 여자였어?

B: She was reserved. / 말이 없었지

     Um.. I don’t know a bit cynical./  글쎄,,약간 냉소적이었어.

A: I can see that. / 알겠어

    That makes sense. / 이해가

    It was probably like you going to a spa. 그녀가 마치 온천욕 같았던 거지

    Very quiet and cool and laid back. / 조용하고 멋지고 편히 기댈 있는



<Pops English- love is free>
Another day / 다른 일상

Another dollar down the drain/ 다시 돈을 빠져 나가네요

You go to town/ 시내에 가고

No one’s around/ 주변엔 아무도 없죠

Cause if you drown/ 당신이 물에 빠진다면

There ain’t no hope for coming back/ 다시 돌아올 희망이 없을테니까요


1) Pattern Talk

This is how I~~.
나는 이렇게 ~해.

This is how I look. 
내가 보이는 방식은 이래(생긴게 이래).

This is how I practice.
나 이렇게 연습해.

This is how I make it work. 
내가 해결하는 방식이야.

This is how I understand.
내가 이해하는 방식이야.

This is how I stay in shape. 

난 이렇게 몸매를 유지해.
(= get in shape , <-> out of shape)

2) Role Play 

A: Why are you dancing around?
A: 여기저기 춤추고 다녀?

B: This is how I stay in shape. 
나는 이렇게 몸매 유지해.

A: Whatever works I guess. 
A: 뭘하든 괜찮아.

Out of one’s league /
수준이 다른


A: I’m love in a famous star. / 유명한 스타와 사랑에 빠졌어

B: Forget it. She’s out of your league. / 잊어. 그녀는 너와  수준이 달라.

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May 23, 2010 Sun    <Opening>


People are looking forward to enjoying holidays coming up especially this week as well. You know there is nothing wrong with staying home. It’s a good opportunity to spend time with family. Perhaps relax and take it easy. Recharge your batteries!


<News1: Deficit in Greece making a problem>


Now fears are growing that the bailout in Greece won’t work that could cause riffle effects across Europe and here in the United States

> 그리스의 구제금융조치가 효과가 없을 것이며 유럽 및 미국에 대한 파급효과를 유발 시키리라는 우려가 확산 되고 있습니다


*Bailout: Urgent financial assistance to revive the bear economy > 긴급 금융 구제조치

*Riffle effects: the effect to affect or relate to something > 파급효과


<John’s paraphrasing 1>

In Greece they appeared to be having money problems. The economy is not doing very well. However we are the world. Then of course says we are one big world. We try to help each other Different countries, governments around the world are trying to help Greece. However they are worried what if we give them money and it doesn’t solve the problem.

If that is the result the problem could be developing get worse even across Europe and even reaching into the United States


<News2: Mate Good for Health>

Mate does have disease fighting antioxidants along with nutrients like calcium, iron and vitamin C. Mate does contain a small amount of caffeine but much of its boost comes from other natural stimulants


> mate에는 칼슘, 철분, 비타민C와 같은 영양소들과 함께 질병을 억제하는 항 산화물질을 함유 하고 있습니다.  Mate에는 소량의 카페인이 함유되어 있지만 하지만 Mate(차의 종류)의 인기는 다른 자연적 각성성분 때문입니다.


*Antioxidant: the powerful cell to fight against disease making cells > 항산화제

*Stimulant: substances to wake up the mind > 각성제


<John’s paraphrasing 2>


Regarding items that are good for your health there is a beverage on the market. You might be interested in. Well what is it? It contains many things supposedly are good for you.

Nutrients such vitamins and iron and calcium now be warned that there is a little bit of caffeine in there. But it’s not so much. In fact it does give you energy It lifts you up. It boosts you and makes you feel stimulated. But that comes from natural things, perhaps Gin-Sang and other things like that. It’s not so much caffeine.


<Screen Weekly Review>

Do you think maybe he should see a specialist? > 혹시라도 다른 전문의를 찾아가야 할까요?

Anyway physiologically it’s all the same > 다 똑같아요

That must have been a big decision for you > 당신에겐 정말 힘든 결정이었겠군요

Are you left-handed or right-handed? > 왼손잡이에요 오른손 잡이에요?

How did you two patch things up if I might ask? > 어떻게 두 분이 사태를 해결하셨습니까?

(=How did you make your relationships recover?)


He owns the place (=He is the owner of this place) > 이분이 여기 주인이에요

*Replant (spray used for getting away something): 퇴치 제

*left-footed or right footed: 왼발 오른발 잡이,

<TPL Weekly Review>

I’m afraid that won’t be negotiable. I can’t afford it then > 협상 가능할 것 같지 않아요

Is he still at his desk? I didn’t see there. > 그 사람 아직도 사무실에 있어요?

It’s pretty hot in here. Let’s step outside > 여기 꽤 더운 것 같아

She has a medical problem. I’m sorry to hear that > 그녀 건강에 좀 문제가 있나 봐요

There is one thing you can’t forget. What’s that > 절대로 잊지 말아야 할 한가지가 있어

<More expressions>

I have to wine and dine some clients > ~에게 접대하다

Who cares? I’m good looking > 무슨 상관이야?

I’ve got pizza on the brain. My mouth is watering > 군침이 돌아요

My leg is asleep. Rub it to get the blood flowing > 다리가 저려요

Grow up! Don’t make comparison> 어른스럽게 행동해

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May 22, 2010 Sat    <Opening>


Are you speaking of the ice houses traditionally made by Eskimos? These days the  weather is getting warmer but sometimes some people might feel a little bit cold in their hearts. So maybe we need an Igloo to warm up our hearts


<Morning Words>

Kick off: such as soccer game, to start or begin something > 본격적으로 시작하다


Break off: Very fast or sharp end something > 갑자기 끝내다, (관계 등) 결렬되다


Lay off: similar to break off, quickly but gradually stop doing something

> 해고되다. 끝내다  
*layoff: fire someone, pink mail



I’d like to kick off the weekend by going out > 난 나들이로 주말을 시작하고 싶어

We are going to break off negotiations with them > 우린 그들과의 협상을 그만 둘 거야

To lose weight, lay off the sweats > 살 빼시려면 단 것을 좀 그만 드세요


<More Expressions>

Kick a habit=break a habit: 버릇을 고치다 <> get into(start) a habit: 버릇을 들이다

Break the news: inform some news to someone > 소식을 알리다

Lay a finger on: let something eat or touch with no allowance > (허락 없이) 손을 대다

It’s really hard to kick a habit > 버릇을 고치기는 참 힘들어

I’m sorry but I need to break the news to her > 유감이지만 그녀에게 이 소식을 전해야 해

Don’t you dare lay a finger on my pizza > 내 피자에 손도 대지마


<LST: About layoff>

Here you go. Treat every day as a job interview while may be tempting to slack off.

If job got to allure me, you should treat every day as a job interview with the current

employer. Act and address to impress be passion it about your work every day. So find

all the answers inside you


<John’s Recap>

Jake, you seem to be on a diet these days. I notice you are getting a spare tire. I don’t know how you are going to do it. Perhaps the best way to kick off a diet is to decide to lay off all the potato chips to lay off all the sweats, to lay off the snacks. If you don’t do it, probably Min-hi is going to break off with you. So you better kick off your diet right.


<Screen: 저 사람이 여기 주인이에요>


A: Most people in Ray have two jobs. Some have three. I’m also assistance fire chief

> Ray에 대부분 사람들은 직업이 두 개에요. 어떤 사람은 세 가지고요. 전 부 소방관 활동도 하는데요

B: Oh, really! Then could you ask the gentlemen behind us to please put out his cigarette?

> 그래요. 그럼 우리 뒤에 저 신사분에게 죄송스럽지만 담배 한 개피 얻을 수 있을까요?

A: I can’t do that. That’s Earl. He owns the place (=He’s the boss in the place)

> 그건 안 돼요. 그는 Earl인데 가게 주인이거든요


*Put out a candle by blowing on it > 입으로 불어서 촛불 좀 꺼


<Pops: Halfway Gone- it’s just around the corner>

You got one foot out the door/ and choking on the other
(=say something then you regret)

> 당신이 한 발 뒤에서/ 다른 곳에서 고민하고 있어요


Always thinking something more/ it’s just around the corner

> 항상 또 다른 걸 생각하죠/ 바로 코 앞에 다가와 있어요

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May 21, 2010 Fri    <Morning Words>


We’d like to congratulate our friend when they have success. Sometimes we might feel

a little bit of envy. Oskar Wild said anyone can sympathize with the suffering of a friend,

but it requires a very fine nature to sympathize with a friend’s success


Block off: provide some sort of prevention, trying to prohibit something is happening, to

stop something from going on > (도로, 하던 일 등) 막다, 차단하다


Tick off: thinking about time bomb, gradually make them more and more angry until

they explode > ~화나게(폭발하게)하다. 귀찮게 하다


Chase off: send away, get out of here, expel someone away > ~를 쫓아내다



At night they block off this street to cars > 밤에 이 도로에 대한 차량운행을 통제 합니다

If you tick off the coach, he will bench you
> 네가 코치를 화나게 하면 후보로 물릴거야

(*bench=prohibit someone to participate)


He is so handsome. He has to chase off the girls

> 그는 너무 잘 생겨서 여자들을 쫓아버려야 할 정도지


<More expressions>

Block up: water is not going down the drains막히다. 변비가 걸리다 clogged up

Tick away: time passes > 시간이 재깍재깍 흘러가다

Go chase yourself! > 나가버려


The sink might be blocked up cause’ water is not going down the drain

> 물이 하수구로 빠져나가지 못하는 걸 보니 싱크대가 막힌 것 같아


The clock(=Time) is ticking away > 시간이 점점 흐르고 있어

If you keep on chatting, go chase yourself! > 계속 떠들 거면 나가버려


<LST: The most tick-off time>

The poll found that being kept on hold by a call center is the thing most likely to tick

people off and also said more women than men took a deep breath to calm down


<John’s recaps>

Wow! Big story! Gil-dong wanted to be a rock star you know, and so he went to a local

club for open might night. He got a bomb on stage

His hair was slicked back and he was wearing a shinny bright shirt and all the girls fell

in love with him. Oh, he had chased them off. In fact so many girls were following him

that he had blocked off the stage


They were trying to get his autograph, trying to kiss him and they were screaming. You

know who got angry? Min-hi! She’s really ticked off and said that’s it. You are never

going out of the house again



<Screen: 어떻게 사태를 수습하셨나요? >

A: Me and Clay had a few humdingers (= a really big something trouble or fantastic).

> 저와 Clay는 많은 어려움이 있었죠 I have a humdinger of lunch


B: Really you see that’s quite comforting to hear (I’m happy to hear that) cause’ you two

seem so happy > 듣기에 상당히 위안이 되는데요 지금 상당히 행복해 보이잖아요


A: We are but it doesn’t mean that we have almost called it quits a few times

> 물론 지금은 그렇지만 몇 번 이혼 직전까지 간 적도 있었어요


B: Really? How did you two patch things up if I might ask?

> 그러세요? 물어도 될지 모르겠지만 사태를 어떻게 수습하셨어요?


<Pops: Halfway Gone –Lifehouse->

Cause’ I’m halfway gone/ and I’m on my way / and I’m feeling*3 this way

> 왜냐면 내가 반 정도 가버렸고/ 가고 있는 중이니까요/ 내가 이런 식으로 느끼고 있어요


Cause’ you are halfway in/ but don’t take too long/ cause’ I’m halfway gone/ cause’ I’m

halfway gone

> 왜냐면 당신은 반쯤만 들어와 있잖아요/ 하지만 너무 시간 끌진 말아요/ 제가 반쯤 가고 있으



1) Pattern Talk

There is one thing you can’t + 동사 
할 수 없는 게 하나 있어.

There is one thing you can’t say.
말할 수 없는 게 하나 있어.

There is one thing you can’t buy.
살 수 없는 게 하나 있어.

There is one thing you can’t deny.
부인할 수 없는 게 하나 있어.

There is one thing you can’t forget.
잊을 수 없는 게 하나 있어.

There is one thing you can’t do without.
없으면 안되는 게 하나 있어. 

2) Role Play
There is one thing you can’t forget.
A: 절대 잊지 말아야 할 게 있어.

B: What is that? 
그게 뭔데?

A: My birthday is just around the corner.
내 생일이 얼마 남지 않았어.

*Grow up! : Be aware! > 철 좀 들어


A: I hate Mary because she is so pretty > 메리 너무 예뻐서 너무 싫어

B: Grow up! Don’t make comparison > 철 좀 들어. 비교 좀 하지 말고

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일반영어/굿모닝팝스 2010. 5. 20. 19:12 Posted by Migguragi chanyi

<Morning Words> 

1. Pull off: 힘든 일을 해내다

The Bears need to pull off a miracle to win.

베어스  팀은 이기기 위해서 기적을 이루어 내야해

2. Wear off:
차츰 없어지다

I hope your enthusiasm doesn’t wear off.

나는 너의 열정이 사그러 들지 않기를 바래

3. Knock off:
중단하다, 끝내다

I’m trying to study, so knock off the chitchat.

공부하려고 하니까 잡담 그만해


<More Expressions>
1. Pull a boner: 바보짓하다, 실수하다

If you pull a boner like that again, you’re fired.

네가 그런 바보짓을 다시 한다면, 해고야


2. Wear sin: 약해지다

My patience is wearing(growing) sin.

인내심에 한계가 오고 있어

3. Knock on wood:
행운을 빌다

I knock on wood when I wish something were true.

무언가 이루어질 바랄 행운을 빌어

<John's Recap>

Jake, maybe you did not know this. But 길동 and I shared our membership of team. We were on a Dark Throwing team. We were very lucky for a long time. But our luck began to wear off,  as we entered the competition. We were worried, how can we pull off the victory. We’re not gonna be able to pull off a victory if our luck is wearing off. And I was feeling a little depressed. 길동 told me “ Hey, Knock off the negativity. We’ve got to believe in ourselves, if we’re going to pull off this win. Be positive. You know what we came in third place, not bed.


제이크, 아마도 이거 모를 꺼야. 길동이와 멤버였잖아. 우리는Dark Throwing 팀이었어. 한동안 우리 팀은 행운이었지.  그러나 우리가 시합에 참여하자마자 행운이 사그러들기 시작했어. 어떻게 승리를 이룰지 우리는 걱정이었지.  우리의 행운이 사라진다면, 우리는 승리할 없을꺼야. 나는 매우 실망했어. 길동이는 나에게 부정적인 생각은 그만둬, 우리가 이길 있다고 우리 자신을 믿어야 . 긍정적으로! 네가 알다시피, 우리 3위로 들어왔잖아, 나쁘지 않아. ” 하고 말했지. 

<Screen English>
A: This is a loaded gun.
장전된 이예요

So, you don’t point it at another person or your own foot.

 다른 사람이나 당신 발을 겨누지 말아요

Are you left-handed or right-handed?

당신 왼손잡이예요? 오른손잡이예요?


B: Well, you know. I write with left hand. But I play tennis and I play badminton with my right hand. I text with my right hand. I cut right, I cut cake with me left hand.

글씨는 왼손으로  쓰고,  테니스 배드민턴은 오른손으로  치고 문자는 오른손, 가위질  오른손, 케익은 왼손으로 잘라.


*point at, aim at: ~ 겨냥하다

*yell at: ~에게 화내다

*shout at: ~에게 버럭 화를 내다 / shout to: ~ 주위를  끄려고  소리치다

<Pops English – Halfway gone>
You were always hard to hold/ 당신은 언제나 잡기 어려웠죠

So, letting go ain’t easy/ 보내는 것이 쉽지만은 않아요

I’m hanging on but growing cold/ 희망을 버리지 않지만, 점차 식어가요

While my mind is leaving/ 마음이 떠나고 있는 동안에

*ain’t: be not or have not

1) Pattern Talk

She has a/an ~ problem.
그녀는  ~ 문제가 있어.

She has an acne problem.
그녀 얼굴에 뭐가 났네요.

She has an image problem.
그녀는  이미지 문제가 있어.

She has a medical problem.
그녀는  건강상 문제가 있어.

She has a cash flow.
그녀는 현금유동성 문제가 있어.

She has a commitment relationship problem.

그녀는  안정적인 관계유지 문제가 있어.

2) Role Play 

A: I haven’t seen Sera  in a while.
A: 한참 세라를 봤어.

B: She has a medical problem.
B: 그녀 건강에 문제가 있어.

A: I’m sorry to hear that.
A: 그소식 유감이네.


My leg is asleep. / 발이 저려요.

A: I’ve been sitting for hours. 시간 동안 앉아있는 중이야.

My leg is asleep. 발이 저려.

B: Rub it to get the blood flowing.

피가 통하도록 마사지해봐

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<Morning Words> 
1.  Goof off: 빈둥대다

You’re not supposed to goof off in class.

수업시간에 빈둥거리면 안돼

*goofy: very silly character

Square off: 싸우다, 싸울 준비하다

I’m not afraid to square off against him.

나는 그와 맞서 싸우는 것이 두렵지 않아

Drop off: 줄어 들다

Attendance might drop off after two weeks.

2 참석률이 떨어질 꺼야

*Can you drop me off here? 여기서 내려줄래?



<More Expressions>
1.  Goof on: 놀리다

I think you’re just goofing on me.

나는 네가 놀린다고 생각해


2.  Back to square one: 원점으로 돌아가다

Because of 길동’s mistake we had to go back to square one.

길동이 실수 때문에 우리는 원점으로 돌아갔어

Drop a hint: 힌트를 주다

Should I drop a hint to 길동?

길동이에게 힌트 줄까?

<John's Recap>

You know, Jake! I had a little free time. So when I went up a northern of city to visit 길동’s 번데기 restaurant . You know he told me that things were not
doing very well. Business is dropping off. I asked  “why? What’s going on?”
Just a few months ago, business was good. He told me It was a good idea. 
A lot of other
번데기 restaurant opened around him, a lot of competition.

So he felt very depressed. I said “ Hey, 길동, You got to square off.  You’d square off against the competition. Don’t goof off wasting time. Don’t be afraid. You were the first. You’re the best. You got to bring your business again.” I’ll go back next week to check in his 번데기 restaurant.


제이크.  내가 약간 한가했을 나는 길동의 번데기 식당을 방문하기 위해 도시 북쪽에 갔었어. 그가 상황이 좋지 않다고 말했었어. 사업이 하향하고 있었어. 나는 ? 무슨일이냐고 물었지. 달전에 사업은 잘되고 있었어. 그는 주변에 많은 번데기 레스토랑이 열리고 많은 경쟁이 생겼다고 말했어. 그는 매우 침체되어 있었지. “길동아! 싸워야지, 경쟁에 맞서야 . 시간을 허비하며 빈둥거리지마. 두려워하지마. 네가 최초였고, 네가 최고야. 다시 사업으로 돌아가.” 라고 말했어. 다음주에 그의 번데기 레스토랑을 한번 체크하러 다시 가봐야겠어.

<Screen English>
A: I filed for adoption two month ago.

2 전에 입양 신청했어

*file for, put in for, register: 신청하다


B: oh? You did? , 그래?


A: So, I wanted to tell them that I couldn’t go through with it now.

지금 그것을 헤쳐나갈 없다고 입양기관에 말하려고 했어

*Go through with: 헤쳐나가다


B: Two month ago? It must have been a big decision for you.

두달 전에? 너에게 결정이었겠네.

*must have been: ~했음에 틀림없다


A: I really thought about telling you. I didn’t really know where we were at.

너에게 말하려고 생각했었어. 우리가 어느 지점에 있는지 몰랐어


<Pops English>
Take a walk in the park 공원을 산책해 보아요

When you feel down  네가 기분이 우울할

There’s so many things there 거기에 많은 것들이 있어

That’s gonna lift you up  그것들이 기분을 좋게 줄꺼야

See the nature in bloom, a laughing child, such a dream 만개한 자연, 웃는 아이 그런 꿈을 보아

* Piece of cake, walk in the park: 식은 먹기, 쉬운일


1) Pattern Talk

It’s pretty ~ in here. 
여기 ~하다.

It’s pretty hot in here.
여기 꽤 덮네.

It’s pretty plush in here.
여기 꽤 호화롭다. 

It’s pretty noisy in here.
여기 꽤 시끄럽다.

It’s pretty eclectic in here. 
취향이 꽤 다르다.

It’s pretty crowded in here. 

여기 꽤 복잡하다. 


2) Role Play

A: It’s pretty hot in here.
A: 여기 덥다.

B: Let’s step out.
B: 밖에 나가자.

A: Yes, I could
use the fresh air.
A: 그래, 신선한 공기가 도움이 같애.


*use: 도움이 되다

My mouth is watering.
군침이 도는데.


A: I’ve got pizza on the brain. 피자가 생각나

B: Me too, my mouth is watering. Let’s order. 나도, 군침이 고여, 주문하자


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shut off : turn off 멈추다, 서다 ex) It's time to shut off the computer
           and turn in.
 컴퓨터 끄고 반납할 시간이다.

fall off : drop from 떨어지다 ex) The glass fall off the table if you set
           it on the   
edge. 유리잔을 모서리에 두면 탁자에서 떨어질 거야.

hold off : wait, delay 시작하지 않다, 미루다 ex) Hold off for a day or
           two. 하루 이틀 
정도 미뤄.

<Screen English>

It's all the same. 다 똑같아요.

Dr. Simmons  That is *the great thing about being a doctor in a small 
             town. 시골 동네

             의사가 그래서 좋죠.

             You see it all. 모든 환자를 다 보거든요.

             Anyway, *physiologically it's all the same. 결국 생리학적으
             로는 다 똑같

             You know, the body is the body. 우리 몸은 그냥 몸일 뿐이에

             So let's see if we can't *take care of that *boo-boo in your
             eye, Mr. 
Foster. 어디, 눈 ‘아야한 데'가 어떤지 좀 볼까요,
             포스터 씨?

Paul         You see, just calling it a boo-boo makes me feel better 
             already. ‘아야 
한 데’라는 소릴 들으니 벌써 기분이 한결 나

Practice More!

the great thing about ~의 좋은 점

The great thing about Mary is that she's honest. 메리의 좋은 점은 정직하다는 거야.

boo-boo[búːbùː] 아픈 곳, 상처 난 곳을 가리키는 유아어

Little Johnnie got a boo-boo on his finger. 꼬마 조니 손가락이 ‘아야’해요.

* physiologically[fìziəlɑ́dʒikəli] 생리학적으로

* take care of ~을 돌보다

<Pops English : Beautiful Life 아름다운 인생 Sung by Ace of Base>

1. You can do what you want. 당신이 원하는 걸 하세요.

   ex) What you do is up to you. 당신 마음대로 하세요.

You can do what you want.

just cease the day. (enjoy or live your life to the fullest)

What you are doing tomorrow is going to come your way.

Don’t you ever consider giving up.

you will find, oooh.

당신이 원하는 걸 하세요.

그냥 이 순간을 즐기세요.

내일 일은 내일 또 찾아올 거예요.

절대 포기할 생각 하지 마세요.

멋진 세상이란 걸 곧 알게 될 거예요

2. Stay until the break of dawn. 새벽이 올 때까지 곁에 머물고 싶어요.

   ex) Remain here all night. 밤새 이곳에 있고 싶어요.

It's a beautiful life, oooh.

It's a beautiful life, oooh.

It's a beautiful life, oooh.

I just wanna be here beside you.

And stay until the break of dawn.

인생은 아름다워요.

인생은 아름다워요.

인생은 아름다워요.

난 그저 여기 당신 곁에 있고 싶어요.

새벽이 올 때까지 곁에 머물고 싶어요.

3. Take a walk in the park. 공원에서 산책을 해요.

   ex) Go for a little stroll at the park. 공원에서 산책을 해요.

Take a walk in the park when you feel down.

There's so many things there that's gonna *lift you up.

See the nature *in bloom, a laughing child.

Such a dream, oooh.

우울할 때면 공원을 거닐어요.

그곳엔 당신에게 힘을 줄 수 있는 것들이 많이 있지요.

자연이 만발하고 아이의 웃음소리가 들리는 곳.

마치 꿈결 같지요.

* lift up 고양시키다

* in bloom[ - bluːm] 꽃이 활짝 핀, 만발한


1) Pattern Talk

Is he still at + 명사?
그는 아직도 ~에 있니?

Is he still at the club?
그는 아직도 클럽에 있니?

Is he still at his desk?
그는 아직도 책상에서 일하고 있니?

Is he still at the bathhouse?
그는 아직도 대중목욕탕에 있니?

Is he still at his hometown?
그는 아직도 고향에 있니?

Is he still at the game arcade?
그는 아직도 오락실에 있니?

2) Role Play

A: I'm looking for Jerry.      
A: 난 제리를 찾고 있어.

B: Is he still at his desk?    
B: 그 친구 아직도 책상에 앉아서 일해?

A: I didn't see him there.     
A: 거기서 못 봤는데.

* be looking for : ~을 찾고 있다(be searching for, be trying to find)

* at one's desk : 일하고 있는(working, in one's office)


Learn More

누가 뭐래? 상관 안 해. → Who cares?

A That guy is staring at you.     저 남자가 너 쳐다보고 있어.

B Who cares? I'm good looking!    신경 안 써. 내 외모가 뛰어나잖아.

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May 17, 2010 Mon <Morning Words>


Head off
: go away from here, leave to go away, depart > 출발하다

Spark off
: ignite, start the fire or start to burn > 불을 부치다유발하다점화하다

Sleep off
: fix the problem through sleeping or solve a bad situation by sleeping 

잠을 자서 떨쳐내다




When do you plan to 
head off? > 언제 출발할거야?


Can we 
spark off a few holiday fireworks? > 우리 명절 폭죽에 불을 부쳐볼까?

* the coming of age day: 
성년의 날


I will feel peachy (=a really good condition) if I can just 
sleep off this headache

잠을 자서 두통을 떨쳐버리면 정말 좋아질 것 같다


sleep off the hangover, I might have a soft meal


<More Expressions>


Head over heels in love
: fall in love deeply, upside down > 사랑에 푹 빠지다

A bright spark
: Someone is very intelligent or talented 

머리가 좋은 사람재기 발랄한 사람

Not sleep a wink
 > 한숨도 못 자다


They are 
head over heels in love with each other > 그들은 서로에게 푹 빠져 있어

What a 
bright spark left the door opened all night? 

어떤 똑똑한 인간이 밤새 문을 열어놓은 거야

couldn’t sleep a wink worrying about my cat > 밤새 고양이 걱정에 한 숨도 못 잤어


<LST: Lack of Sleep>


Studies tell us Sleeping too little can contribute to weight gain because it could stress 

on your body. The body sees sleep deprivation is a kind of a stress factor


I’ve proven scientifically this is not true. After eating a very big meal, I go to sleep for 

about 2 hours I gained 2 or 3 kilograms instantly. Sleeping immediately after eating is 

not the best idea.


<John’s Recap>


You know Jake I’m always a very big holiday. Today 
the coming of age day and we 

should have a party but before we 
head off to spark off some fireworks I’m not feeling 

very well


I’ve got a bit of headaches so I’d like to sleep off this headache and then we can head 

off maybe after lunch. How’s that?

전문의를 만나봐야 하는 거 아닌가요? >


A: So you sprayed yourself with bear spray Mr. Faster?

그러니까 bear 스프레이를 뿌렸다는 거죠?


B: No actually I sprayed him. I mean unintentionally of course.

아니 사실은 제가 뿌렸어요하지만 고의는 아니라고요.


Do you think maybe he should see a specialist?

전문의에게 찾아가야 하는 걸까요?


A: Well, I’m the only doctor in town. So I’m about 
as special as it gets

어 제가 이 마을에 유일한 의삽니다상황이 허락되는 한 가장 유능하다고 할 수 있죠



<Pops: Beautiful Life –Ace of Base->


You can do what you want
/ just cease the day (enjoy or live your life to the fullest)

원하는 것은 뭐든 할 수 있어요지금 이 순간을 즐겨요


*No limits or no barrier, listen to your soul > 
내 마음 속에 귀를 기울이다


What you are doing tomorrow is going to come your way/

내일 해야 하는 것은 당신에게 내일 찾아올 거에요


Don’t you ever consider giving up/ you will find it’s a beautiful life

절대 포기할 생각 하지 마요멋진 세상이란 걸 곧 알게 될 거에요





1) Pattern Talk


I’m afraid that won’t be ~

 ~할 것 같지가 않아.

I’m afraid that won’t be ready.

난  준비될 것 같지가 않아.

I’m afraid that won’t be 


난  가능할 것 같지가 않아.


I’m afraid that won’t be 


난  이용가능할 것 같지가 않아.

I’m afraid that won’t be 

up to you.

난 그거 너 한테 달려있지가 않아.

I’m afraid that won’t be 

난  할 것 같지가 않아. 

2) Role Play
A: Do you think they lowered price?

A: 그들이 가격을 높일 것이라고 생각해?

I’m afraid that won’t be negotiable.

B: 협상 가능할 것 같지 않은데.

A: I can’t afford it then.

A: 난 감당할 수가 없어.

* Wine and dine > 
푸짐하게 대접하다


A: Got plans for tonight? > 
오늘 밤에 계획 있어?

B: I have to 
wine and dine some clients > 오늘 밤에 고객들을 접대해야 해

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일반영어/굿모닝팝스 2010. 5. 16. 18:15 Posted by Migguragi chanyi

May 16, 2010 Sun Review

<News 1: What to expect at a science café>


There is a movement to bring scientists out of the lab and into the community for dialog over dinner and drinks. There are now more than a hundred science cafés at bars and restaurants throughout the United States.


> 과학자들이 실험실 밖으로 나와 지역사회 주민들과 저녁식사와 음료를 마시며 어울리는 운동이 일고 있습니다. 현재 미국 전역에 100개 이상의 바와 식당에 과학카페들을 마련해 놓고 있습니다.


<John’s Paraphrasing 1>

Scientists are known for spending their time and energy in the laboratory. However they have been perhaps removed from the rest of a society.


So there is now a campaign or movement to bring the scientists back together with other people.


They have been invited to come, spend their time enjoying social activities, eating dinner together having some drinks together


This environment can be found in cafés which are probably located in restaurants and bars all over the United States



<News 2: Marshmallows test may help predict kids’ success in life>

Focus and self-control are two of the essential life skills. They’re simple ideas, but (they are) difficult to master in a wired society where multi-taking is valued

> 집중력과 자제력은 인생의 가장 핵심적인 두 가지 능력입니다. 이 두 가지는 간단한 개념이지만 다양한 기능이 가치 있게 평가되는 통신망 사회에서는 갖추기 힘든 능력입니다

<John’s Paraphrasing 2>

To survive in this world there are many skills we need. There are many necessary, essential things to do just to live. Two of them are focus and self control.


Well that might sound easy. That might sound like a lot of common sense. But the truth is it’s very difficult to develop good skills in focusing and self control. Why?


Because in this thing of age and in this modern society, in the internet connected wire society we are all required to do so many things at the same time. It’s difficult to focus.

❙Screen English

어차피 거기 잠깐 들려야 해요.

I've gotta swing by there anyway.

그거 편리하네요.

That's handy.

이제 나더러 은퇴를 하라네요.

Now they want me to retire.

잠을 잘 못자요.

I'm a lousy sleeper.

정말 황당해.

I'm totally devastated.

아무거나 마음껏 드세요.

Help your self anything.

❙Talk Play Learn

내 ~을 찾을 수가 없어.

I can't find my + 명사

내가 ~하다고 생각했어.

I felt like I'm + 형

나는 더 ~하기로 결심했어.

I promised my self I would + 동원+more

그것을 ~에 가져갔어.

I took it to + 명

~을 할까 생각하고 있었어.

I was thinking about + -ing

❙Learn More

~와 사이가 나쁘다, 불화가 있다

be at odds with

해도 너무한다. 참을 만큼 참았어.

enough is enough!

욱하는 성질이다, 화를 잘 내다.

have a short fuse

발언권을 주다.

open up the floor

내가 계산할게.

I'll pick up the tab.

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일반영어/굿모닝팝스 2010. 5. 15. 16:56 Posted by Migguragi chanyi



1. tell off : ~에게 호통치다, 야단치다 (scold, yell at)

It's not wise to tell off someone bigger than you.

너보다 덩치가 큰 사람한테 호통 치는 건 현명하지 못한 처사야.

2. wean off : 의존도를 서서히 줄여 나가다 (gradually decrease dependency)

To wean off coffee, I'm swithing to tea.

커피를 끊으려고, 대신 차를 마시고 있어.

3. top off : 가득 채우다 (fill)

Always top off the tank before taking a long drive.

장거리 운전을 하기 전에 항상 연료를 가득 채워.


영어 단어 풀이


1. tell off

To tell, we know, is to provide information with your voice to talk to someone.

However to tell off is a little different. To tell off is to angrily scold someone or

to yell at someone.


2. wean off

Ah, to wean W E A N, 'wean' has a feeling of gradually reducing.

We all have seen the stories of dogs and puppies. Puppies will depend on

the mother dog for some time to get their food, to get their milk.

After a while, the mother dog will say "Enough is enough. 'Two Tables, Four Tables'

_이판사판' Time to wean off!" and she will push the puppies away.


3. top off

To top off is to fill some container all the way to the top, whether is's a cup of coffee,

the gas tank in your car, or very large train container. It doesn't matter.

To top off is to fill to the top.


John's Recap

Oh, we've got a big problem around here apartment.

Last night 길동 said to me "Hey John, the car's gas tank is empty.

How about that! Why don't you give me 100,000\, so I can top off the tank."

So I said "길동, who do you think I am? I'm not your father.

I'm tired giving you money that filled the gas tank. What's going on?

You should get a job."

He said "Wowowowow, why are you telling me off?"

I told him "Here's the problem. You expect me to pay for your gas.

I've got to wean you off this problem.

You've got to get your own job and top off your tank."

So he's a little, he's a little depressed today.



어젯밤에 생긴 문제인데....

길동 : 좐, 내 차의 기름 떨어졌어. 이런! 만땅으로 채우게 100,000원만 내놔봐.

John : 길동아~ 내가 네 아버지냐? 돈 맡겨놨냐? 네 기름 넣어 주는 거 이젠

지긋지긋해. 알간? 이제 놀지 말고 돈 벌어!”

길동 : 어어~~ 왜 나만 갖고 그래?

John : 왜 내가 네 기름을 넣어줘야 되냐?. 네가 벌어 기름 넣고 다녀.

나좀 뜯어먹지 말고.

그래서 길동이는 오늘 어깨가 축 쳐져 보였다.


 Screen English


Help yourself to anything. 아무거나 마음껏 먹어요.


Clay We're gonna make our rounds.

우린 순찰을 할 거요.

Probably best for you to stay put.

당신들은 집 안에 가만히 있는 게 제일 좋을 것 같소.

Fewer people see ya, the safer you are.

사람을 적게 만날수록 당신들이 더 안전하니까.

Emma Which is a shame.

그게 좀 애석하지 뭐예요.

'Cause Ray is the friendliest place on Earth.

세계에서 가장 정겨운 곳이 바로 레이인데.

Help yourself to anything in the fridge if you're hungry.

배고프면 냉장고에 아무거나 마음껏 먹어요.

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굿모닝팝스 2010.05.14

일반영어/굿모닝팝스 2010. 5. 14. 17:18 Posted by Migguragi chanyi

May 14 2010 Fri      <Morning Words>


Tip- off
: give some money, give information somewhat secretly 

정보 등을 제보하다귀 뜸을 해주다


Feed off
: get your energy, so receive some power or energy from some place, 

Benefit from
얻다혜택을 보다


Ease off:
 gradually, slowly, carefully reduce something > 완화하다




You should tip off the cops about what you saw 

목격한 것에 대해서 경찰에 제보 해야 해

*What tip you off?
 = How did you know? > 누가 귀 뜸해 줬니?


The whole team can feed off the coach’s energy 

팀 전체가 코치의 에너지를 받을 수 있어


Ease off
 the gas or you will get ticketed > 딱지를 끊지 않으려면 속도를 줄여


<More Expressions>


: at the best condition > 최고의 최상의

Feed back
: give the opinion on the result > 정보나 의견을 알려주다

Go easy on
: take it easy, be careful > 살살 다루다


She was in tip top condition today > 
그녀는 오늘 최상의 컨디션이었어

The results will be fed back to you soon 

> 결과는 귀하께 곧 통보될 것 입니다

Go easy on
 the sugar > 설탕 너무 많이 넣지마


<TPL: A friend of Sharks: Pilot fish>


Pilot fish! A very interesting creature, they gather around sharks. They follow the sharks 

because other animals which might eat the pilot fish will not come around


Because the other animals are afraid of sharks In return, sharks don’t eat the pilot fish 

because this pilot fish eat a little parasites which might feed off sharks



<John’s Recap>


The world of business is the world of give-and-take. You have to be flexible. You have to 

realize sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, sometimes you rained out


Well if you are able to feed off information you might do very well. You might be able to 

succeed. Sometimes your friend or something you hear on the news might tip off you 



There’s some important information where to make your investment. If you are too 

aggressive you might make a mistake.


So sometimes you have to ease off, take it easy or be careful that might be the way to 



정말 황당해요>


A: Jackie, Did you hear about the Morgan’s?  > Jackie, Morgan 
부부에 대해 들어봤니?

B: Of course, I heard. I’m totally devastated > 
그래 들었어정말 황당해


A: They’re in a protective custody > 둘 다 보호프로그램 하에 있대

B: I heard. What are you going to do? > 
나도 들었어뭘 어떻게 해야 하지?


A: What can we do we can’t (anything) > 하긴 뭘 해아무것도 못하지


* Did you hear about the schedule change? > 
일정 바뀐 거 들었어?

* He is overprotective of his girl friend > 
그는 여자친구를 너무 과잉 보호해


<Pops: Can’t we be friend? –Jamie Cullums->


Never again/ I’m through with love and through with them/

이제 절대 안 해요사랑은 끝이죠


They play their game without shame/and who’s to blame

여자들은 부끄럼 없이 자신들의 게임을 하죠누구를 탓하겠어요




1) Pattern Talk

I was thinking about + ~ing.
~할까 생각 중이었어.


I was thinking about leaving.
난 떠날까 생각 중이었어.

I was thinking about buying that.

난 그것을 살까 생각 중이었어.

I was thinking about dying my hair.

난 머리를 염색할까 생각 중이었어.

I was thinking about writing a blog.
난 블로그를 작성할 생각 중이었어.

I was thinking about going downtown. 
난 시내갈까 생각 중이었어.

2) Role Play
A: I was thinking about dying my hair.
A: 나 염색 좀 할까 생각 중이야.

B: Why on earth would you do that?
B: 도대체 왜 그러는데?

A: I’m looking for a change.
A: 좀 변화를 주고 싶어서.

*Pick up the tap: pay the bill > 
돈을 내다쏘다


A: I’m a little low on cash today > 
오늘 현금이 좀 부족한데

B: No pro. I’ll pick up the tap > 
걱정 마 내가 계산할게

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일반영어/굿모닝팝스 2010. 5. 12. 12:47 Posted by Migguragi chanyi

May 12, 2010 Wed      <Morning Words>


This was explained in a story called ants. Evidently the ants believe when they die

they should move to the side because if they stay in the path they will simply block all of

the other ants.


Get off: to remove yourself from some topic, from subject

> 이야기를 그만두다, 주제에서 벗어나다

Clean off: make something clean, remove everything from the table

> 닦아내다, 쓸어내다

Bounce off: jumping around and being very excited, showing full energy of you

> 몹시 흥분해 있다



Can we please get off the subject for now?

> 우리 이제 얘기 그만 좀 하면 안되겠니?

Please clean off the table while I make dinner

> 내가 저녁식사 준비할 동안 식탁 좀 치워봐

With too much sugar kids bounce off the walls

> 단것을 너무 많이 섭취하면 애들이 난리를 쳐요


<More Expressions>


Get down: feel like some blue > 침울해 지다, 기력을 잃다, (일 등)시작하다

Have clean hands: not guilty, being innocent > 결백하다

Bounce around: going from here to there, discuss an issue

> 여기저기 돌아다니다. 궁리하다



You don’t need to get down for your fault > 네 실수에 너무 우울해 할 필요 없어


He decided to reveal that he has clean hands at the court

> 그는 법정에서 무죄를 밝히기로 결심했습니다.


He’s bouncing around what it takes to her

> 그는 그녀에게 필요한 게 뭔지를 궁리하고 있습니다


<LST: National Clean-off Your Desk Day>


I totally disagree with this. Now the theory is that in January on the second Monday you

should clean off the desk.


Some people who are very concerned about this say well, a messy desk is not a sign of

creative mind. It is unprofessional. Your credibility is at stake when visitors enter your

office. Albert Einstein disagrees.


<John’s recap>


You know, many years ago when 길동 and I were roommates. I did all the cooking, not because he did like cooking, but because his cooking tasted terrible. So I cooked everyday. His job was to clean off the table and prepare for all the meals. Ah, it became a source of arguement. Everyday we argued about the same issue.
Finally I said, "Look look look I'll cook, you'll clean. Let's get off the subject. Let's please talk about something else." Oh, he got upset. He started bouncing off the walls and complaining about so many things it.
Oh, finally we just decided. We each cooked for ourselves. Yeah, I gained. He lost 15kg.

알다시피 오래 전 길동이와 나는 룸메이트였어. 녀석의 음식솜씨가 형편 없었고 요리하는 것도 별로 좋아하지 않는지라. 맨날천날 내가 내가 요리를 했어. 아무리 서빙으로 밥벌이를 해도 그렇지 말야. 그러다 보니 우린 각자의 식사때의 역할 때문에 매일같이 싸웠어. 결국 내가 "야~ 누구는 맨날 요리하고 누구는 맨날 치우기만 치우고 불공평하지 않냐? 그러니까  다시 합의보자."라고 하니까 화를 버럭 내더니 제딴에 그간 품고 있던 되지도 않는 불만들을 막 늘어놓기 시작했어. 우린 직접 자기 밥은 자기가 해 먹기로 합의를 봤어. 그러고 나니 난 살이 점점 오르고 녀석은 피골이 상접하게 되었어. 

<Screen: 절 나가라고 하네요>

A: So you actually do this all the time? > 항상 이런 일을 맡아 하시나요


*similar expression: It isn’t the first time we’ve done this


B: But about ten years ago the government asked us if we’d hide somebody for a week

> 한 십 년 전쯤 정부에서 어떤 사람을 일주일 동안 데리고 있느냐는 요청이 왔었죠


B: Ever since then, a couple of times a year we bring somebody by.

> 그때부터 일년에 두 번씩 정부에서 사람을 데려왔어요


B: It’s been kind of interesting actually. Now they want me to retire

> 참 흥미로운 일이죠. 근데 이제 나보고 은퇴하라네요


<Pops: Alice –Avril Lavigne>


I found myself in Wonderland/ get back on my feed again

> 이상한 나라에서 내 자신을 찾았어요/ 다시 정신 차리고 재기했어요


Is this real/ is this pretend/ I’ll take a stand until the end

> 이게 진짜 일까/ 아님 가짜 일까요/ 마지막까지 신념을 갖고 맞설 거에요




Pattern Talk

I promise myself I would + verb + more.
~하기로 결심 했는데.

I promise myself I would save
하기로 결심 했는데. 

I promise myself I would
study more.
난 하기로 결심 했는데.  

I promise myself I would
conserve more.
난 하기로 결심 했는데.  

I promise myself I would
work out more.
난 하기로 결심 했는데.  

I promise myself I would
volunteer more.
난 하기로 결심 했는데.  


Role Play
A: I failed my test.
나 시험 망쳤어

B: What are you going to do about it?
그래서 어떻게 할 건데?

A: I promise myself I would study more.
더 열심히 공부하기로 다짐했어



* Have a short fuse(=burns until the explosion > 욱하는 성질을 가지고 있다


A: Why did you blow up at me? > 왜 나한테 발끈했어?

B: I’m sorry, I have a short fuse > 내가 욱하는 성질이 좀 있잖아

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일반영어/굿모닝팝스 2010. 5. 11. 10:49 Posted by Migguragi chanyi


1. take off : (서둘러) 떠나다, 가다 (leave, go)

I'm going to take off now, unless you need something.

뭐 필요한 거 없으면 나 지금 갈게.

2. slack off : 게으름을 부리다, 태만해지다 (be lazy, don't do responsibilities)

When you slack off, everybody suffers.

네가 게으름을 부리면 모든 사람이 괴로워해.

3. work off : 체중을 빼다, 몸을 움직여 ~을 제거하다 (lose by exercising)

Holiday snacking has given me some weight to work off.

휴가 때 먹은 게 운동을 해서 빼야 할 정도의 체중이 되었네.


영어 단어 풀이

1. take off

When we imagine perhaps an airplane or a rocket, when it begins to leave,

it goes fase. To take off, then, means to leave but kind of in a hurry, to go quickly.


2. slack off

Ah, the word 'slack'. 'Slack' really means loose. If we have a string or a rope,

it might be pulled very tightly. Well the opposite, then, is slack or a string is very loose.

If we might think about a behavior, not tight, not organized, but if you slack off,

perhaps you're being very lazy, kind of boring, just hanging around.


3. work off

Ah, to work off. Perhaps you're trying to lose weight. You know summer's on the way.

You wanna look good on that bikini. You've got to lose some weight and how?

You've got to exercise. That's right. You've got to work off those unwanted extra pounds.

Work off, lose weight by exercising.


John's Recap

You know this is a kind of sceret. So I'm not gonna mention 길동's name.

Oh, anyway he decided that he had to gain some extra weight.

So he wanted to meet a given some coaching advice.

We went to the health club together. He's trying to work off those extra pounds,

but he's falling asleep all exercising and just slacking off all the time, so I said,

"Hey 길동, if you gonna slack off, if you're gonna be a slacker,

(you're) not goona work off those pounds. I'm gonna take off.

I've got a thing to do. So I left. I think he went to sleep.


Screen English


That's handy. 그거 편리하네요.


Meryl Yes, I love what you've done with the heads.

동물 머리로 꾸민 인테리어가 아주 마음에 드네요.

Emma Thanks.


Yeah, we killed all these animals ourselves.

전부 우리 손으로 잡아 죽인 동물이에요.

Meryl Oh, that's great.

그거 멋지군요.

I hate when you have the decorator do it for you.

인테리어업자에게 맡기는 건 싫거든요.

Emma Oh, well, I got a brother over in Cheyenne who's a taxidermist,

동생이 샤이엔에 사는데, 박제사에요.



Meryl Oh, that's handy.

아, 편리하겠네요.

Pattern Talk

I felt like I’m ~ .

내 생각엔 ~ 같은데.


I felt like I’m helpful.

내가 도움이 될거라고 생각했어.


I felt like I'm the best.

내가 최고라고 생각했어.


I felt like I’m responsible.

내가 책임져야 한다고 생각했어.


I felt like I’m irreplaceable.

내가 무엇과도 바꿀수 없다고 생각했어.


I felt like I’m alone in this world.

내가 이세상에 혼자라고 생각했어.


Role Play 

A: The problem wasn’t your fault.

그 문제는 네 잘못이 아니야.


B: Well, I felt like I’m responsible.

난 내 책임인 것 같은데.


A: Don’t worry about it.


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일반영어/굿모닝팝스 2010. 5. 10. 14:51 Posted by Migguragi chanyi

May 10, 2010 Mon    <Opening>


Yoga, the Asian art helps your body and mind. We need to do such things like listening to the music because when you listen to music, you might want to consider doing some Yoga good for the soul


<Morning Words>

Show off: allow other people to see, excessive too much demonstrate everyone, boast, flaunt

> 뽐내다. 자랑하다 (*if you got it, flaunt it)


Pass off: deceptive expressions, I’m basically lying to you, trying to make you believe me,

but it’s just not true, present oneself firstly > ~로 행세하다. 속이다


Rub off: touching paint what happens? Paints transferred on to you. If you spend time with another person, that person’s style or character begins to affect you or influence

you > 영향을 주다, 닮아가다



Jake likes to show off in front of pretty girls

> Jakes는 예쁜 여자들 앞에서 으스대기를 좋아하다

They try to pass off the painting as an original

> 그들은 그 그림을 진품인 척하려 애썼다

I can see that Tom is starting to rub off on you

> Tom이 너에게 영향을 주기 시작했다는 거 인정해


<More Expressions>

Show around: let someone see a beautiful scenery > 구경(관광) 시켜 주다

Pass (the) time: spend some time doing something > 시간을 보내다

Rub elbows with someone: spend time get together > 사귀다, 교제하다


I’d like to show you around KBS Radio Studio > 제가 KBS 라디오 방송국 구경시켜 드릴게요


If you were in the neighbor, pass the time to go to the movie

> 근처에서 영화 보면서 시간 좀 보내봐


This is a good chance for you to rub elbows with her

> 이번이 그녀와 교제할 수 있는 절호의 기회야


<LST: When do you show off your abilities to the boss?>

We have so many scientific people doing researches. They have told us Tuesday afternoon is the best time to show off in front of the boss.

Monday afternoons are a good time to put in for holidays and Wednesday is a good time to ask your boss for a pay raise. In fact every Wednesday ask your boss to pay raise.


<John’s Recap>

You know, the other day, I got into an elevator with 홍길동. In the elevator was a big mirror. As soon as we were into the elevator, I noticed that 길동 was looking at his body and saying "Woo~". My muscles were getting bigger. He started flexing and showing off. He tried to pass off himself the some kind of a body builder. I followed maybe that's a good idea. So I did it, too. I saw our both flexing and showing our muscles in the elevator. I think 길동 is starting to rub off on me. I'm getting worried now.

얼마 전 길동이와 난 엘리베이터를 탔는데 거기엔 큰 거울이 하나 있었어. 그 엘리베이터에 타자마자 길동인 몸매자랑을 하려는 것 같더라구. “우~” 내 근육도 점점 들썩이기 시작했어. 드디어 그는 근육을 드러내며 과시하기 시작했어. 마치 자기가 보디빌더 인 양 말야. 나도 괜찮아 보여서 따라했어. 둘이서 똑같이 그짓을 하면서 말야. 길동이가 나랑 친해졌다고 생각할는지는 모르지만 난 별로 내키지가 않아.

<Screen: 어차피 그곳에 들러야 해요>


A: Temperature really drops around here at night. Let’s see about getting you

something warm

> 밤에는 여기 기온이 뚝 떨어져요. 어디 좀 따뜻한 걸 찾아줄 수 있나 보죠


B: Thank you. I mean, you know any place that’s open

> 제 말은 문이 열려 있는 곳이라면 괜찮아요


A: Sure, there is a Bargain Bar. I’ve got to swing by there anyway

> 저기 Bargain Bar가 있어요. 어차피 거기 들려야 하기도 하고요


B: I’ve never been to a Bargain Bar > Bargain Bar에 가 본 적이 없어요

A: Are you pulling my leg? > 지금 나 놀리는 거요?


<Pops: Alice –Avril Lavigne->

Tripping out spinning around/ I’m underground I fell down yeah I fell down

> 정신이 혼미해요 빙글빙글 돌아요/ 난 지금 지하세계에 있어요 내가 떨어졌어요


(*freak out=trip out: kind of losing one’s mind, trip over something)



I can’t find my + Noun > ~을 찾을 수가 없네

I can’t find my wallet/ earring/ my password/ cell phone/ flash drive


A: I can’t find my wallet > 내 지갑 없어졌나 봐

B: When did you lat see it? > 마지막으로 본 게 언제야?

A: I had it when I took a taxi > 택시에 있을 때만해도 가지고 있었어


*To be at odds with: not get long with someone > 불화가 있다, 사이가 좋지 않다


A: Are Ken and Lynn fighting? > Ken Lynn 싸우는 거야?

B: Yes, they are at odds with each other > 응 둘 사이가 좋지 않거든

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▶ Headline 

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The president promises to do whatever it takes to restore the region's rich and fragile ecosystem. We're going to do everything in our power to protect our natural resources.

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대통령은 약속합니다... 어떤 일이든 하겠다고... 회복시키기 위해...

그 지역의(멕시코만) 풍부하고 연약한 생태계를... /

우리는 무슨 일이든지 할 것입니다... 우리가 할 수 있는 한...

보호하기 위해... 우리의 자연 자원을... //   


대통령은 모든 수단과 방법을 다해 그 지역의 풍부하고 연약한

생태계를 회복시키겠다고 약속했습니다. /

“우리는 우리의 자연환경을 보호하기 위해

무슨 일이든지 다 할 것입니다. //  

▶ Key Expressions

1) restore: 회복시키다, 되찾게 하다.

2) fragile: 부서지기 쉬운  

3) resource: 자원  

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People worried about heart attacks get a lot of advice about what to eat; less fat, more fruits and vegetables. But new research suggests the most important thing they can do may be to simply eat more rice.

▶ Translations

사람들이... 심장마비를 걱정하는... 많은 조언을 듣습니다...

무엇을 먹어야 하는지에 대한...

지방은 더 적게... 과일과 야채는 더 많이...

하지만 새로운 연구는 제안합니다... 가장 중요한 것은...

그들이 할 수 있는... 간단히 쌀을 더 많이 먹는 것일 수도 있다고... / 

심장마비를 염려하는 사람들은 지방은 적게 먹고 과일과 야채는

많이 먹으라는, 음식에 관한 많은 조언을 듣게 되는데요. /

새로운 연구조사에 따르면 그들이 할 수 있는 가장 중요한 것은

그저 쌀을 더 많이 먹는 것일 수도 있습니다. //


▶ Key Expressions

1) worry about: ~에 대해 걱정하다. 

2) advice: 충고, 조언 

3) suggest: 제안하다. 

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1. Keep off: 가까이 못오게하다, 출입금지하다
   The sign says " keep off the grass"./ 잔디밭에 들어가지 말라는 표지판이야

2. Face off: 싸우다, 논쟁하다
   El and Ed are going to face off anyday now. / 엘과 에드는 언제든 싸울 기세야

3. Go off: 버럭화를 내다/ 자명종이 울리다/ 폭탄이 폭발하다
   If you are late again, the boss will go off on you.
   너 다시 지각하면, 상사가 폭발할꺼야

<Morning Words>
1. sound off: 거리낌없이 의견을 말하다.
To let everyone know your opinion

2. let off: 자유롭게 해주다. 끝내다.
allow to do something

3. mouth off: 말하다; 떠벌리다, 큰소리치다; 말대꾸하다  

<More Expressions>
Sound off now, or forever hold your peace.
(지금 말씀 하시거나 아니면, 영원히 가슴속에 묻어두시기 바랍니다.)

What does your work let off?
(일 몇시에 끝나?)

The rude kid mouth off anybody.
(저 버릇없는 소년은 누구한테 막말하는거야)

<John's Recap>
All right, all employees. Listen up, I've got an announcement. to make. If any of you would like to be let off early today. You need to sound off right now. We've got a big contract coming up  and we'll be very busy. If you don't sound off right now about being let off early. I don't want anybody to mouth off later. Now's your chance to sound off. Anybody, anyone? No? Okay. We're all working overtime.

<Screen English>

You're out of options.
당신에겐 선택의 여지가 없어요.

Marshal This man is a professional killer.

             그 남자는 전문 살인범이에요.

             He found you in one night.

             하룻밤 사이에 당신을 찾아냈으니,

             and he'll keep coming back.

             계속 찾아올 겁니다.

             Wouldn't you rather live someplace else than die in New York?

             뉴욕에서 죽느니 다른 곳에서 사는 게 낫지 않겠어요?

Paul       Meryl?


Meryl      I'm thinking.

             생각 중이야.

Marshal   There's nothing to think about.

              생각할 것도 없어요.

              If you want to live, you're out of opitions.

              살고 싶으면 다른 선택의 여지가 없어요.

<Pops English - song for mama / Boys to men>
You know I love you.
내가 당신을 사랑한다는 거 아시죠.

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The sign says to keep off the grass. 표지판에 잔디밭에 들어가지 말라고 쓰여 있잖아.


go off 버럭 화를 내다

go on (공연을)시작하다, (무대에)나오다

go in (방 집 등의)안으로 들어가다

go up (건물이)올라가다 (들어서다)

go by 지나가다

no-go (형용사 속어)진행 준비가 되지 않은

go on (with you)말도 안 돼

no go 안되는

go at somebody (공격하려고)~에게 달려들다

go at something ~을 열심히 하다

go it 무턱대고 하다, 앞뒤 생각 없이 행동하다

-->You can't go it if you start a new business. 새로운 사업을 시작하면 무턱대고 잘 할 수는 없다.

to go (아직)남아 있는

-->I only have one exam to go. 난 시험이 하나 밖에 안 남았어.

face off 싸우다, 논쟁하다, (아이스하키 같은)경기를 시작하다

face up/down 얼굴을 위로 하고(똑바로)/거꾸로(엎드려)

-->She lay face down on the bed. 그녀는 침대에 엎드려 누워 있었다.

face on 얼굴을 그 쪽으로 향하고; 엎어져서

face-off (비격식 특히 미국)대결

new face(연예계, 정계 등에서의)신인; 미용 성형을 한 얼굴

face out 용감히 (대담하게)맞서다

red face 겸연쩍어 하는 듯한 얼굴, 쑥스러워 하는 얼굴

face fly 가축의 안면에 꾀는 집파리의 일종

keep off 가까이 못 오게 하다, 출입을 금지하다

keep to something (길을)계속 따라 가다

keep something up (물가, 수준 등이)내려가지 않게 하다

-->The high cost of raw materials is keeping prices up. 높은 원자재 비용 때문에 물가가 떨어지지를 않고 있다.

keep on 계속 가다

keep up (특정한 날씨가)계속되다

-->The rain kept up all afternoon. 비가 오후 내내 계속 내렸다.

keep something in (감정을)억제하다(감추다)

-->He could scarely keep in this indignation. 그는 분노를 감추기 어려웠다.

keep at something (일을)계속하다

-->Come on, keep at it, you've nearly finished! 자자, 계속해, 거의 다 끝나 가!

keep off (비 눈등이)내리지(오지)않다

keep-fit (보통 단체로 하는)건강을 위한 운동

-->a keep-fit class 건강 교실

keep mum (~에 대해)아무 말도 하지 않다; 계속 조용히 (잠자코)있다

keep fit 건강을 유지하다, 건강하게 있다



Al and Ed are going to face off any day now. 앨과 애드는 언제라도 다툴 기세야.

If you're late again, the boss will go off on you. 너 또 지각하면 상사가 너한테 화낼 거야.


keep one's promise 약속을 지키다

If you can't keep your promises, you shouldn't make them in the first place.

약속을 지킬 수 없다면 처음부터 하지 말아야지.


face to face 얼굴을 맞대고

길동&민희 have never met face to face. 길동과 민희는 한 번도 직접 만난 적이 없어.


go with ~와 어울리다

삼겹살 goes with 소주. 삼겹살은 소주와 어울린다.


This isn't the first time we've done this. 우린 처음 해 보는 일이 아니에요.

nuts = go crazy

excuse me=pardon me


You were always there to comfort me. 당신은 항상 곁에서 날 위로해 주셨어요.

(You always make me feel better. 당신은 항상 날 행복하게 해 주지요.)


How did the party go? 파티는 어땠니?

How did the + 명사 + go? ~은 어땠니?


How did the outing go? 소풍은 어땠니?

How did the blind date go? 소개팅은 어땠니?

How did the business meeting go? 회의는 어땠니?


It was a blast! 정말 끝내줬어!


연줄을 이용해 목적을 달성하다 pull strings

Do you have any connections? 혹시 아는 사람 있니?

Maybe. I'll try to pull strings for you. 아마도. 널 위해 한번 힘 좀 써 볼게.

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1. doze off : 잠이 들다, (저도 모르게) 깜빡 졸다 (fall asleep)

You doze off every single time we go to the movies.

넌 우리가 영화 보러 갈 때마다 조는구나.

2. give off : (냄새, 열, 빛 등을) 발하다, 풍기다 (produce)

An aromatic candle will give off a nice scent.

향기로운 초는 좋은 향을 풍길 거야.

3. fight off : ~와 싸워 물리치다 (defend against)

Drink juice t fight off a cold.

감기를 몰아내게 주스 마셔.


영어 단어 풀이

1. doze off

Well, we know that the word 'doze' is in reference to sleeping.

And when we talk about sleeping, we talk about taking a nap or falling asleep

or sleeping or sleep over, so many different words. The word 'doze, D O Z E' really

has a feeling of falling asleep and sleeping a little bit lightly, not a very deep sleep.


2. give off

To give off. Oh, to give away is to perhaps give someone a present,

to give someone a gift, but to give off is to emit, E M I T, to produce some sort of

a color, sound, a smell, something like this to give away from maybe your body.


3. fight off

Ah, to fight off. 'Fight off' gives us a feeling that you're trying to prevent something.

Perhaps you're fighting, I know Jake has a lot of fans, so when Jake goes downtown,

all the girls are screaming "Jake 오빠, Jake 오빠." He's fighting off all the girls.


John's Recap

"Jake! Jake! Wake up!" Oh man, I always know when you doze off

because everytime you doze off, you give off that sound "(의성어)"

That's how I know you doze off. You give off a sound.

If you wanna fight off dozing, if you wanna fight off sleepiness,

perhaps you can drink some orange juice or stand up and run around room

for a while to get some energy.


Screen English


This guy's still out there. 이 남자가 아직 활개를 치고 다닌다고요.


Marshal This guy's still out there.

놈이 아직 활개를 치고 다녀요.

Paul Yeah, but he doesn't know who we are.

그래요, 하지만 우리가 누군지도 모르잖아요.

Marshal I'm gonna give you 24-hour protection

at your apartment anyway.

어쨌든 당신 아파트에서

24시간 보호해 주겠습니다.

Meryl Oh, well, we don't live together.

근데 우린 함께 살지 않아요.

He's at a hotel 'cause we're separated.

이 사람은 호텔에서 지내요. 별거 중이거든요.

Marshal My wife and I see someone once a week.

저도 아내와 일주일에 한 번씩 상담을 받고 있죠.

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일반영어/굿모닝팝스 2010. 5. 5. 13:19 Posted by Migguragi chanyi

May 5, 2010 Wed
     <Morning Words>

See off: go with someone as they begin leaving, say bye-bye > 배웅하다


Rattle off: to say something quickly, to give a list of item very quickly

              > (기억하고 있는 사항을) 줄줄이 말하다

Write off: to not believe any more, to lose your faith in something > 폄하하다, 신용을 잃다



Gil went to see off her friend at the airport > Gil은 친구 배웅하러 공항에 갔어

* Every Jack has his Gil: 짚신도 다 짝이 있다/ * She’s waving goodbye: 배웅하다


I can rattle off the names of all 50 US states

> 난 미국 50개 주를 모두 줄줄이 이야기 할 수 있어

* Can you rattle off all 12 signs? > 12띠에 대해 줄줄이 예기할 수 있어?


Never write off a champion > 절대 승자를 폄하하지 마라

<More Expressions>

See red: associated with anger, very angry > 화를 내다. 붉으락푸르락 하다

Rattle on: keep talking and talking > 계속 떠벌리다

Write down: take some information, put it on paper > 적다


I don’t understand why she sees red > 그녀가 왜 화내는 지 잘 모르겠어

He rattled on for hours about her > 그는 몇 시간 동안 그녀에 대한 얘기만 해댔어

I’ll write it down if you need > 필요하시다면 적어드릴게요


<LST: Don’t write me off: Music and Lyrics-그 여자 작사 그 남자 작곡>


Hew Grant said in an interview that he was practicing the piano and singing for about 2

months before starting to film this movie at for him

and lose one of the lyric examples were practiced makes him better. The more music

engineers feel his voice the better it becomes


<John’s Recap>


Jake, I’m not sure if you remember but quite a few years ago when Gil-dong was feeling very adventurous. 
He decided that he was going to travel to the world and conquer all kinds of natural things one of climbing mountains, swimming rivers. I went with him to the airport to see off Gil-dong. He was a little emotional at the airport. He wanted to rattle off thank you to so many friends
And he said I want to thank you for my mother and my brother and my sister and my friends. Hey, you’re rattling off all these names. Just get on the plane. You are going to miss your flight 
And we don’t want to think that you can’t do this. We didn’t want to write off your efforts and he said No, trust me. Believe me. I can do this and a way he went will conquer the world



<Screen: 정말 상황이 민망해요 (손발이 오그라들어요)>


A: Did you get the yucca (sort of cactus)? I know you like plants. And far away there is now  
    a galaxy called Meryl.  

> 화분 받았어? 당신 꽃 좋아하는 거 알아. 저 멀리 Meryl이라 불리는 은하수도 있는데


    *aloe: 알로에


B: You have to stop sending things. It’s just getting very awkward

> 선물 좀 그만 보네요. 민망해 죽을 지경이에요 (썰렁해요)


A: I understand. I will. I promise. I just have one more little thing

> 그래 알았어 그렇게 할게. 근데 마지막으로 딱 한가지만 더.


<Pops: Rose Garden –Lynn Anderson->

So smile for a while/ and let’s be jolly/ love shouldn’t be so melancholy

> 잠시 미소 지어요/ 즐겨 보아요/ 사랑은 우울하면 안되죠


Come along and share the good time/ while we can

> 함께 즐거운 시간을 나눠요/ 할 수 있는 한



Pattern Talk

Don’t you know + People?
정말 몰라?

Don’t you know Mr. Lee.
Mr. Lee 몰라?

Don’t you know anyone here.
여기있는 사람 아무도 몰라?

Don’t you know my buddy Mike.
내 친구 Mike 몰라?

Don’t you know guys on the team.
그 팀사람들 몰라?

Don’t you know your next door neighbor?
니 이웃사람 몰라?


Role Play
A: Don’t you know anyone here? 
여기 있는 사람 아무도 몰라?

B: Not a Soul.
아무도 몰라.

A: Let me introduce you.
내가 소개시켜 줄게.


*Pulling someone’s leg: kidding or teasing someone > ~를 놀리다


A: I won the lottery for a million bugs > 나 백만 달러짜리 복권에 당첨됐어

B: I know you are just pulling my leg > 나 놀리는 거 다 알아

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일반영어/굿모닝팝스 2010. 5. 4. 10:32 Posted by Migguragi chanyi

May 4 2010 Tue


It’s a very important who is doing the cooking. That’s how to taste comes around

It’s a total different story. My grandmother told me sweat makes a food good. (Taste finger)

You need to proper balance of spices. Don’t forget when you cooking put in love


<Morning Words>

Put off: locate something, to delay something, postpone till later > 연기하다. 미루다

Come off: how do people see you, give a specific impression > ~인상을 주다

Buzz off: fly and bothering you, go away, fly away from me > 꺼져. 저리가



 Let’s put off getting hitched for ten more years > 결혼 10년만 미루자


* Always put off to tomorrow what you don’t want to do today

If he bothers you, tell him to buzz off > 그 사람이 귀찮게 하면 가버리라고 해

I didn’t mean to come off as a meanie > 못된 사람이란 인상을 주려는 건 아니었어


<More expressions>

Put someone down: ignore someone in front of people > 사람들 앞에서 ~을 끌어내리다

Come to one’s ears: a little bird told me > 어떤 소식이 들리다. 소문나다

Buzz with: always busy > 항상 바쁘다. 가득 차있다


Don’t put yourself down > 너 자신을 남들 앞에서 깔아 뭉개지마

It came to my ears by chance > 언뜻 그 말이 내 귀에 들어왔어

The place buzzed with excitement > 그 곳은 흥분의 도가니였어


<LST: Don’t put off what you can do today until tomorrow>

The truth is if you are trying to break the habit of putting off something and you can start

with a small s
tep, that’s probably the best to do it. It can also be a good way of dealing

with difficult tasks


<John’s Recap>


You know I was a little bit upset with our buddy Hong Gil-dong because he made me wait.

I was waiting everything for him. He’s always putting off everything. He’s just kind of a

lazy guy.


I told him Gil-dong, I’m getting a bad impression of you. He said I don’t want to come off

as a lazy guy

I just prefer staying in bed watching TV all the time. It’s my hobby. Hey man, you can’t do

If you are going to be lazy, buzz off. We need more energetic people on here. Try not to

come off as a
guy who puts off everything any more.



<Screen: 자명종을 맞춰 놓는 사람은 없잖아>


A: How’s the hotel?

B: It’s nice

A: There’s no one setting the snooze alarm for fifteen minutes before they actually want to wake up


    > 일어나기 15분 전부터 계속 자명종을 맞춰놓는 사람도 없잖아


B: I have really enjoyed not having anyone walk in to the master bedroom wearing their

shoes and trailing dirt and (spreading) germs from all over the city


> 나도 밖에서 먼지며 세균이며 다 묻혀서 안방까지 신발신고 오는 사람 없어서 참 좋더라고


<Pops: Rose Garden –Lynn Anderson->


I could promise you things like big diamond rings/ but you don’t find roses growing on

stalks in
clover/ so you’d better think it over


   * talk it over > 다시 한번 이야기 해 보자. 말로 풀어보자


> 난 큰 다이아몬드와 같은 걸 당신께 약속할 수 있지만 당신은 줄기에 자라고 있는 장미를 볼 순

   없겠죠. 다시 한 번 생각해 보는 게 좋을 거에요




Aren’t you supposed to be at + place? > ~에서 있어야만 하지 않니?


Aren’t you supposed to be at work/ at school/ at the airport?


A: Aren’t you supposed to be at work? > 직장에 있어야 하는 거 아니야?

B: No, I’m off today > 오늘 비번이야

A: Well, rest your bones then > 그럼 푹 쉬어


* Carry a tone: sing a song very nicely > 노래를 정말 잘하다

A: Are you a good singer? > 너 노래 잘해

B: Sorry, I can’t carry a tune at all > 미안하지만 노래 잘 못해

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일반영어/굿모닝팝스 2010. 5. 3. 11:32 Posted by Migguragi chanyi


1. pay off : 성과를 올리다, 결실을 맺다 (provide benefit)

Hard work will pay off in the end.

열심히 노력하면 결국 그 결실을 얻기 마련이야.

2. shve off : 수염을 깎다, 면도하다 (remove)

That high price would scare off most consumers.

그렇게 높은 가격은 대부분의 소비자를 지레 겁먹고 도망치게 할 거야.

3. scare off : 겁을 주어 ~을 쫓아 버리다 (repel, push away)

She said no kissing until I shave off my beard.

그녀는 내가 면도를 해야 입맞춤할 수 있다고 했어.


영어 단어 풀이 

1. pay off

Um, to pay, of course, refers to giving money. However sometimes we might receive

a benefit that is not money. We might develop our skills, we might improve in some way.

To pay off is to give some sort of a benefit.


2. shave off

Ah, yeah, to shave, well of course, we know to shave means to remove hair.

So if you shave off a beard, you shave off a mustache, simply you're removing it,

cutting it off.


3. scare off

Woo, very frightening word, scare, we know the verb scare means to give someone

a bad feeling, give someone a fright, to make someone run away

because they're afraid with them. In that case, we will use this expression 'to scare off'

basically making someone leave, get out of here, go away. Scare off.


John's Recap

Wow, you know I'm not sure radio was a good place to tell the story.

It's kind of a private story about my friend. His name is Jake. In fact, he had a very big

beard and mustache and so he was having a hard time finding a date.

I told him, "You've got to shave off that beard. You're scaring off all the girl

with that beard. I promise if you shave off that beard and shave off that mustache,

go ahead, shave off that hair on your head, too. I'm sure to pay off.

You'll have a lot more date. So I think he's gonna do it.


Screen English

The clock is ticking. 시간이 촉박해요.

Meryl I mean, if you're planning on having a baby...

제 말은, 아기를 낳으실 거라면...

Oh, this is the most magical place.

이 집이야말로 최고로 안성맞춤이라는 거죠.

Monique How many children do you have?

아이가 몇 명이나 되세요?

Meryl How many?

몇 명이요?

Let me see, I have... Well, I have zero.

어디 보자, 그게... 0명이요.

My husband and I are separated.

남편과 별거 중이거든요.

I know what you're thinking,

무슨 생각하시는지 알아요.

the clock is ticking, right?

시간이 촉박하죠, 그렇죠?

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일반영어/굿모닝팝스 2010. 5. 2. 13:40 Posted by Migguragi chanyi

▶ Headline  

It's not the end of the world. 
아직 세상의 종말이 아니다! 

▶ Contents

They’ve been all over the TV lately. Earthquakes, volcanoes, mudslides and floodwaters, as if the planet is in a feet of rage. But though it may seem like it at times, it is not the end of the world.

▶ Translations

그들은 TV 곳곳에 있었습니다... 최근에... /

지진, 화산, 산사태, 그리고 홍수까지... /

마치 지구가 발끈 성을 내는 것처럼... /

하지만 비록 그렇게 보일지 모르지만... 요즘 추세로는... /

세상의 종말은 아닙니다... //


최근 TV를 보면 마치 지구가 화를 내는 것처럼,

온통 지진에 화산, 산사태, 홍수 소식들로 넘쳐났습니다. /

요즘 형국을 보면 그렇게 느껴지지만 그렇다고 세상의 종말은 아닙니다.

▶ Sunday News John's Paraphrasing Time

Turn on the TV and what do you see? Morning, afternoon, evening, every channel, we see news of natural disasters. Earthquakes, volcanoes etc. It's all over everywhere. What's going on the world is angry. It's going to be explode. Now, wait a minute, relax, calm down. Although religious leaders tell us for thousands of years the end of the world is near. The news saids, No, it's not. Relax, take it easy.

▶ Key Expressions

1) mudslide: 산사태

2) in a fit of rage: 발끈하다, 성을 내다. 

3) at times: 요즘 추세로는, 가끔은

▶ Headline  

Nurses Are Not Handmaidens 
간호사는 도우미가 아니다

▶ Contents

Many people get a lot of information about various professions from watching television and the movies. That's a big concern for nurses who mostly don't like how they are portrayed by Hollywood.

▶ Translations

많은 사람들이... 많은 정보를 얻습니다... /

다양한 직업들에 관해... 텔레비전과 영화를 보는 것을 통해... //

그것은 큰 걱정거리입니다... / 간호사들에겐... /

대부분 좋아하지 않는... 그들이 어떻게 묘사되는지에 대해...

할리우드에 의해  //

많은 사람들이 TV와 영화를 통해 다양한 직업세계의 정보를 얻게 됩니다.

자신들이 할리우드에 의해 묘사되는 모습에 불만인

대부분의 간호사들이 이 점을 크게 우려하고 있습니다. //

▶ Sunday News John's Paraphrasing Time

Are you looking for a job? What do you want to be? What kind of career, do you wanna have? You might be influenced by what you see movies and television. You might think "Wow, James Bond drives a nice car. I wanna be spy". The truth is, it's hardly than it looks. Nurses in fact, in the United States are very unhappy about the image they have television shows and movies. They are not very happy with what's happening in Hollywood.

▶ Key Expressions

1) profession: 전문직, 직업

2) concern: 걱정, 우려, 염려, 관심사 

3) portray: 묘사하다, 나타내다. 


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일반영어/굿모닝팝스 2010. 5. 1. 11:58 Posted by Migguragi chanyi

1. rip off : ~에게 바가지를 씌우다. (cheat, overcharge)

   A street vendor might rip off a tourist if he can.

   노점상은 관광객에게 바가지를 씌울 수도 있어.

2. shoot off : 보내다, 전송하다 (send)

   Shoot off a text when you get the time.

   시간 날 때 문자 보내.

3. switch off : (스위치 등을 눌러서) 끄다 (turn off)

Last one out, switch off the lights.

영어 단어 풀이

1. rip off
Rip off. Again the word R I P, we know, has ths feeling of very fast action,

but the word rip off, in fact, means to steal from someone or to cheat someone

maybe even for overcharge.

2. shoot off

Ah, yeah, shoot. Well, you're taking a picture with your camera or firing a gun,

both of these use the word shoot. What does that mean?

To do something very quickly. To shoot off, then, is to perhaps send something very quickly.

perhaps an e-mail or a letter or a text message. Shoot off a text to me.

3. switch off

Ah yeah well, think about this, switch. When you enter a room and the room is very dark. What is the first

thing you look for? You might look for a switch on the wall and then

you will switch on the light and when, of course, you're leaving the room

you wil switch off the light. So think of using the switch to turn on or turn off the light,

as a way, of course, seeing or saving energy, use the expression sometimes

switch on and switch off. 

John's Recap
You know, these days 길동's in a bad mood. First of all 민희 shut down his proposal

and then some bills came in the mail. His electric bill was very high.

He thought something's wrong. So he wrote a long e-mail to the electric company.

He said "I think you people are trying to rip off me on this deal.

I'm paying too much for my electric bill." He shot off the e-mail to them

and he waited a few days. Finally they were abele to shoot off an e-mail back to him.

Very simple, one line in their e-mail to 길동. They said "Mr.홍길동. Swithc off your lights.

Save money." Yeah, so, now he's walking around in his house in the dark with a candle.

Screen English

I can't take your call right now. 지금은 전화를 받을 수 없습니다.

Meryl    Hi. You're reached Meryl Morgan.

            메릴 모건입니다.

            I can't take your call right now.

            지금은 전화를 받을 수 없으니

            so leave a message and have a great day.

            메시지를 만겨 주세요. 좋은 하루 보내시고요.



Paul      Hello. It is me, your... ah... your husband.

            여보, 나야. 당신 남편.

            Um, at leat, legally still your husband,

            as recognized by the state of New York.

           적어도 아직까지는 법적으로 뉴욕 주가 공인한

           당신 남편이니까.

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